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Gary Tarbert
28-Mar-2015, 20:32
Hi , I have the opportunity to purchase a used Chamonix 8x10 for about the $1000 less than new , But the older model, I believe the differences are 5mm thicker back, base board is carbon fibre on the newer one and a few other differences ,The newer one is about a kilo heavier , My question is are there any problems known for the older one

28-Mar-2015, 22:27
I have one and I love it. Very easy to use, very reliable. I never had any issue with it. You can't go wrong with this, in my opinion.

29-Mar-2015, 02:29
The only major difference I know about is that it doesn't have a bail back, I think both are carbon fiber base but the first model has a T configuration.

$2,000 for an 8x10 Chamonix is a decent deal, I've seen the first generation 8x10's sell for as low as $1,500 and high as $2,700 so $2k is a good price, if it comes with film holders or anything then it's s steal!

Gary Tarbert
29-Mar-2015, 03:37
Hi Stone , Actually $2300 with a couple of holders ,When i said $1000 under new i was using the $3200 web price ,and valued the holders at $50 each ,Good order except for some marks under the front standard .

29-Mar-2015, 04:55
The back on the original is thinner from what I've read on their site.
Fyi, that's carbon fiber skin over wood, not solid carbon fiber.

Gary Tarbert
29-Mar-2015, 05:15
Thanks , Yes 5mm thicker and as suggested the bail back and lockable rise and fall /

29-Mar-2015, 12:14
Grab that, if any of the holders are Chamonix brand, I'll take the whole thing, that's a steal.

Gary Tarbert
29-Mar-2015, 19:49
Grabbed . Holders are not Chamonix but now 4 holders

29-Mar-2015, 20:43
Grabbed . Holders are not Chamonix but now 4 holders

;) if you visit and we meet up we can compare the two ;)