View Full Version : Gibellini folding cameras from Italy any experience ?

Gary Tarbert
28-Mar-2015, 03:17
Hi , I have had the Gibellini product put forward in a reply to my recent post for a 8x10 /4x10 combo , These are handmade in Italy , And look really nice . Just wondered if anybody had had any experience with this product or heard much about it ? Cheers Gary

28-Mar-2015, 05:06
He was pushing them pretty hard on facebook for a while, you might find some info on the various lf groups.
I don't think it'll be better than a chamonix.

Peter De Smidt
24-Jul-2015, 17:20

Bill L.
24-Jul-2015, 18:49
I used one briefly in a wet plate workshop. They're beautiful looking cameras. The one I used focused by sliding standard back and forth - no geared focus; focus lock was turning a screw against the sliding rail. Also, the ground glass kept coming out of the springs that hold it against the camera. Personally, I find my old beater Burke and James much easier to use. I don't know what options are available on the camera, was just helping figure out a classmate's camera. Ymmv, depending on ow customizable the cameras are.