View Full Version : did they make the same lens with chrome and Black flange

26-Mar-2015, 20:05
I have a question you may be able to help me with... I have been looking at some camera lenses... I am not ready to buy but I got confused when I have seen some of the same lenses with different flanges one being chrome the other being black... one of the lenses was a 165 f8 only made by one company and only one from that company... are they the same lens... is there something as a buyer should be looking when picking one over the other... thank you

also, how do you find out what is a good and bad lens I have been going off the original MSRP is that the best way? thank you in advance... and should someone who hikes with three camera set-ups buy the best lens then get one for the long hikes? thank you

Dan Fromm
27-Mar-2015, 04:42
Your question is too vague to answer. Name names.

27-Mar-2015, 07:23
Schneider Super-Angulon 165mm f/8 is the one I am looking at now... 131451131452

Mark Sampson
27-Mar-2015, 07:40
You're seeing early (chrome, Compur shutter) and late (black, Copal shutter) versions of the same lens. The 165/8 SA must have been in production for over 30 years. Schneider's website will have some details. I'd guess that later, multi-coated versions will cost more now, but have no data either way.

27-Mar-2015, 08:22
thank you...