View Full Version : Anything Great Photo Ideas in Cleveland?

26-Mar-2015, 11:36
Hey Fellas.
I'm in Cleveland for the weekend with some family and going to shoot with my chamonix for the first time. I'm looking for good places to go shooting. Not from around here (1st time actually). Any places you guys like as suggestions would be good. I could do architecture or landscape.

I went to Kansas two weeks ago and was in a town of 160 people (it's now a ghost town more or less) and found some old trucks from the 60's out in a field rotting. That made some fun photographic fodder. If there's more of that then that would be fun but then I don't want a long haul to get there.

Any ideas are good and would be appreciated.


Mark Sampson
26-Mar-2015, 13:47
I don't get to Cleveland anymore, but when I would visit, I always wanted to shoot the bridges and industrial sites around The Flats (where the steel mills used to be). Never got to that project though. I understand the Flats is a nightclub district now. The Rock'nRoll HoF is right by the lake, too.

Doug Howk
26-Mar-2015, 15:37
Barney Taxel recently did a book on Lakeview Cemetery.
Mather's Gwinn Estate is suppose to be quite photogenic.

Mark Sampson
26-Mar-2015, 20:24
Cervin Robinson did a great book on Cleveland about 20 years, ago, too. I've seen, but don't own, a copy (although I should).

Doug Howk
27-Mar-2015, 03:34
For ideas as to the Flats along the Cuyahoga, there is Andrew Borowiec's "Cleveland: the Flats, the Mill and the Hills". I still remember the smell of the whale oil processing plant in that area.

27-Mar-2015, 08:31
Thanks for all the notes.

I was banking on staying the weekend if Wichita Shockers won their game but they didn't so back to NYC I go. Darned fighting Irish gave us a run for our money and won. I sincerely hope they beat Kentucky! But any team will need a whole lot of luck to do that :-).

For the 24 hours I was in Cleveland, I really liked it. It's got a lot of history. Reminds me of a more Midwestern and suburban version of Philly.