View Full Version : sinar p "body" for 380

26-Mar-2015, 03:52
im searching for a lf for quite some time now and i found sinar p body for the price of 380


as far as i check all seems to be fine and the price is ok, or am i overseeing something?

26-Mar-2015, 06:11
Hi JBuck,

Price is so-so, not low, not high, just average.
- You can't make a lot of work with only that short rail, a longer one will be better,
- The camera comes with a metering back, what 's a plus,
- The seller has only 45 rates at ebay, so, seems to be a private, not a store,
- Delivery only to Germany, are you there?

Hope this helps,,


26-Mar-2015, 06:14
yes, germany berlin...but rail extentions are not super expensive, right?
bc I plan to use 150mm + lenses

26-Mar-2015, 06:53
yes, germany berlin...but rail extentions are not super expensive, right?
bc I plan to use 150mm + lenses

No, it's not expensive, bought 2 rails last month for my cameras from ebay.com, 40 USD in original box, +/- 40 cm long.

31-Mar-2015, 13:12
On my Sinar P2 I was using Symmar-S 150/5.6 with one rail, focusing around infinity. Probably could focus around 1m or so.
For 210 you probably will need rail extension.
This particular specimen lacks rail caps, so it limits extension a bit (the carrier can go on rail cap and give you a little bit more room for focusing).
Also I probably would recommend wide-angle bellows for 150mm (or may be up to 210mm), they give a lot more room for tilts and swings (and especially already with shifts).

3-Apr-2015, 08:17
You could always make the seller an offer... Most sellers will take an offer that is reasonable. This way you could put the rest of the money towards a longer rail or some glass.

3-Apr-2015, 17:16
ill think I'll pass on this sinar.. just bought a 2nd pentax67 a 105mm 2.4 and a manfrotto stand..money again gone :-)
im also reconsidering a sinar.. everyone is telling me its heavy as fu*k and I do mostly onlocation stuff...
need to look more into field cameras with long bellows....:/