View Full Version : Toyo Serial Numbers

25-Mar-2015, 15:56
Anyone know how Toyo went about this? Did they have a system whereby you can tell the year of manufacture by the camera's serial number? The serial number on my 45CF is "126-0000400." I purchased it new from B&H when they first came out - took me months to receive it. I'm thinking that this may have number 400 off the production line. But what about their other models 4x5 and 8x10?


Paul Cunningham
25-Mar-2015, 19:58
My 45CF, I am at least the third owner, is serial number 126-0000207.

26-Mar-2015, 10:40
Looks like a got a "late model" CF. Just kidding though. I order it from the first ad that I saw in a photo magazine. Back then I was reading all of them looking for a 4x5 camera. Old man Adolph Gasser had a Speed Graphic with an Ektar lens on decent condition but I was hesitant about a 50 year old camera. The Linhoff 2000 came out but I couldn't see spending $2000 for a format that I might not stick with. That's when I saw the add "Under $550" and jumped. Beautiful camera and packs easily for lightweight travel.

But what about Toyo's other models - the 4x5's and 8x10's? Does anyone have any information on determining the manufacture date from the serial number?