View Full Version : Ilford Products Price Increases

Andrew O'Neill
11-Jan-2005, 20:25
Hi everyone! I was just in my local photo store and the guy there showed me a memo that said that Ilford will slap a price increase of anywhere from 5% to 150%. I also noticed on the memo that chemicals will be hit hardest. HP5+ sheet will be increased by about 12% (the film that I use). The memo also stated that a massive shipment is making its way to the North American market. That's good...but expect to pay a lot more.

Michael Kadillak
11-Jan-2005, 20:54
Great news. Considering the alternative - no Ilford, it could have been a much worse scenario. Hopefully, this should put the naysayers to rest for at least a little while. If you have come to love Ilford products, this is a very small price to pay relatively speaking.

Good Shooting!

Graham Hughes
11-Jan-2005, 21:09
I agree, this is actually good news. As for a 12% increase, FP4 is still FP4 and I'll still buy it.

Keith Fleming
11-Jan-2005, 22:07
Some of this price increase is bound to be due to the US dollar having lost value against the European currencies. My guess is that we in the US can expect to see price increases for all European-made photographic goods.

mark blackman
12-Jan-2005, 01:45
I'm not aware of a similar price increase in the UK, so I expect this is due to the weak US dollar. It would be interesting to see if prices in Canada are due to rise by the same amount, as it's dollar has not lost so much value over the past year or so.

Mind you, it is quite a convenient excuse to raise prices as well!

12-Jan-2005, 06:30
Good to hear us in the US still supporting Ilford. I'd half thought that most US consumers would default and buy Arista/J&C/Forte products (if they can find them or know which ones are Ilford equivalents). Not to put that idea into anyone's mind either..

Believe it or not, there are many of us who are having a miserable time in England because of the strong currency (or weak US $ and Euro). Manufacturing trade here ends up in a crisis if this continues.

MIke Sherck
12-Jan-2005, 06:44
Now if Forte could only overcome their problems. I'm glad for Ilford but Forte (Polygrade V paper, specifically,) is what I really miss.


Terence McDonagh
12-Jan-2005, 07:20
I agree with those who'd rather pay a little more to support a good product than see it disappear. As for the weak dollar, I've reconsidered a trip to Ireland as a pint of Guinness will now cost me almost $7. I can live for a week without eating, but . . .