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24-Mar-2015, 21:01
A friend, no, not me a young friend, has purchased a Linhof Technika III


Firstly, the front standard wobbles slightly around a vertical axis, to me this looks like a design error as only the pointy thing holds the standard on the right side, when viewing camera from front

Secondly, and biggly, I showed him how to extend the upper bed for long lenses and close working. Later the main bed was racked back 'till it jammed on the RF cam, where it stuck. The focusing bed was freed by focusing forward again, but now the RF is out of alignment

I will suggest to him that as a view camera it will be fine with the three lens set that came with it if the front standard wobble is sorted out, also that I have never, ever, ever even wanted to use the RF on my STv in 21 years of use, but . . .

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
John Austin

25-Mar-2015, 10:57
Here are copies of the operating manual which may be of assistance to you:



Here's a general review:


Here's a video of the III. The first half is kind of annoying but the second half actually has the camera being operated.