View Full Version : Fujinon-C 300 & Copal 1 Questions

Peter Lewin
23-Mar-2015, 07:04
I recently purchased a C-300/8.5 lens from a fellow forumite (a very smooth and pleasant transaction, I might add), and had a couple of questions.

First, the lens is serial # 630xxx. I see from the web that dating Fujinon lenses is difficult, but also that information has not been updated in a while, so perhaps more is now available. Kerry Thalmann's site lists a C-300 serial # 633xxx as new in 2000, with what he calls a Copal B (black speed ring) shutter. Mine is obviously older, and has what Kerry calls a Copal C (blocky chrome speed ring) shutter. Any guesstimates on how many years that 630xxx-to-633xxx gap might represent?

Second, I wondered how other members decide when a shutter CLA is justified, given the expense. On my sample, the shutter speed ring is quite stiff, but I checked the speeds with Fritz's shutter-speed app, and they check within 1/3 stop from 1/30 through 1 sec. So the stiff speed ring is a "touchy-feely" issue, the shutter works well. Any ideas on whether there might be a non-dissassembly way to lubricate it (I was thinking of the sophisticated bicycle chain lubes in my garage) or whether to ignore the issue entirely since it isn't going to impact my image-making. (I will actually get to try the lens and shutter on film later this week when a properly drilled Canham board arrives in the mail.)

23-Mar-2015, 07:11
No need to lubricate.
1. Remove front cell
2. turn locking screw latch to unlocked position
3. turn serrated locking nut (bright silver SS nut) one notch counter clockwise.
4. Check speed ring motion, if not enough, give it another 1-2 notches
5. Do not over do this
6. I wished the adjuster good luck