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22-Mar-2015, 20:24
Besides the Ebony 45SU are there any other non folding field cameras.

David Karp
22-Mar-2015, 20:30
Mike Walker makes the Titan XL Wide in 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10. These are designed for use with wide angle lenses. http://www.walkercameras.com/index.html

22-Mar-2015, 21:22
Thanks David, just found the Shen Hao too, bellow is a little short on the Walker.

Lachlan 717
22-Mar-2015, 22:44

You can get the Shen Hao XPO with around 400mm extension.

Mick Fagan
23-Mar-2015, 06:04
Shane, before I picked up the Toyo-View monorail last week, I was looking at these, one of which is a non folder.


You have an 8x10 amongst your bevy of beauties, don't you?


23-Mar-2015, 06:22
Cambo wide comes to mind, depending on your definition of field cameras.

David Karp
23-Mar-2015, 08:22
Thanks David, just found the Shen Hao too, bellow is a little short on the Walker.

I don't have a Titan XL Wide, but I do have a 4x5 Titan SF, which I think is a great camera. The XL Wides are interesting, but they are for a particular kind of user, who prefers the wide view. Just thought I would throw it out there for you.

23-Mar-2015, 08:22
The shen hao's seem to be ebony knock-offs so that may be your best bet if you're looking for that style.
The svedovsky doesn't have ANY rear movements which is a deal-breaker for me.

Drew Bedo
23-Mar-2015, 08:31
Not sure that I understand what a "non-folding Field Camera" actually is.

• A Hobo.
• A Fotoman.
• The WanderLust TravelWide . . .whenever it comes out and goes into production.

All of these were designed to be used in the field and none of them fold.

Am I on-the-money or way off base here?

23-Mar-2015, 08:58
Does anyone know who handles Walker in the USA?

23-Mar-2015, 08:59
Does anyone know who handles Walker in the USA?

Bromwell Marketing

3 Allegheny Center #111
PA 15212

Tel: 412-321-4118

23-Mar-2015, 09:00
Does anyone know who handles Walker in the USA?

edit: the view camera store sells the ilford titan made by walker but doesn't list any Walker's themselves. sorry

bromwell's does:http://www.bromwellmarketing.com/walker.htm

Michael R
23-Mar-2015, 09:10
Drew - they're just view cameras that don't fold up. In other words the standards are fixed in an upright position and you just move the standards closer together for transport. Usually the "bed" is fairly short so when the standards are moved close together the overall size of the camera isn't much larger than a regular folded camera.

Very fast and simple to set up, sometimes lighter, sometimes a little more "solid", often easier to use with short focal length lenses for some applications. The tradeoffs are typically reduced maximum extension, and fewer tilt options. But it really depends on the type. Some, like the already mentioned Walker XLs have fixed backs (no movement) and relatively limited extension. At the other end are some Ebony non-folding models which still manage plenty of movement, back and front, and more extension than one might expect, although Ebony also makes some much more restricted, non-folding models.

Re Walker camera distribution, you can also deal directly with Mike Walker.

David Karp
23-Mar-2015, 09:52
Mike Walker seems a really nice guy. He serviced my Titan SF under a lifetime warranty even though I purchased the camera used. A pleasure to deal with.

Michael R
23-Mar-2015, 10:47
+1. He spent a lot of time answering all of my questions before and after I bought a Titan SF from him.

Armin Seeholzer
23-Mar-2015, 12:14
My Burke & James 8x10 battle ship grey is also a non folding, only the reals folding up! This is much better for the bellows and also much faster to set up!

Cheers Armin

23-Mar-2015, 13:32
Thanks for the options, l like the quick set up of the non folding model but nothing is off the table ATM.
Mick - yes have two 8*10 but 4*5 is my go to and since I trashed my Wista DX on the weekend when it got blown over and fell 2 1/2 metre onto rocks

David Karp
23-Mar-2015, 15:49
I think Mike Walker might have parts for one more 4x5 Titan SF. It's a folder with some controls reminiscent of your Wista, with more extension. It's made from ABS. Very durable.

23-Mar-2015, 16:01
If you want simple with no movements, then consider a Printex 4x5 (http://www.digoliardi.net/printex-2.jpg). The lenses are highly limited; best to use 135m. I have one with a functioning rangefinder. Rather light, simple, cool.

I have several Printex 4x5 (because I'm old) including one I modified for wide angle (http://www.digoliardi.net/printex-mod.jpg) - and screwed it up beyond use. :(

23-Mar-2015, 21:16
No definitely want movements but not too concerned with rear swing and shift as i don't remember using them on Wista field.

On Walker site saying only one left.

My B&J is the same Armin but I need something smaller for bulk of image making, beside cannot put my 75mm on the B&J

Mick Fagan
24-Mar-2015, 01:02
4*5 is my go to and since I trashed my Wista DX on the weekend when it got blown over and fell 2 1/2 metre onto rocks

Oh dear, Shane, you must be devastated, hopefully you got the shot before liftoff.


Liquid Artist
24-Mar-2015, 01:28
I trashed my Wista DX on the weekend when it got blown over and fell 2 1/2 metre onto rocks
I'm sorry to hear about your Wista,
On the bright side, it wasn't you that fell 8 feet onto the rocks.

24-Mar-2015, 15:23
The DIY Bulldog... cheap and quite an idea. Surprised that it went off the market. Would love to find an unbuilt "bulldog" kit. Nonfolding field camera...I remember $300.?????

Best current picture I can find... NLA. Precut in MDB construction board.... punch it out and put it together.