View Full Version : 8X10 ansco rise lock?

22-Mar-2015, 11:10
I just got an Ansco 8X10.
It has a geared front rise/fall, but there is no lock on that movement.
Am i missing something?

Jon Shiu
22-Mar-2015, 11:12
Try shifting the knobs sideways to lock.


22-Mar-2015, 12:11
will try

22-Mar-2015, 13:13
If it's the earlier version, you pull the knob out to unlock, and push in to lock.

Even if the standard is locked, it won't support a heavy portrait lens very well.

22-Mar-2015, 20:27
If it doesn't lock, the locking plate that engages the rise pinion gear is likely worn on one side, it can be removed and flipped over, (exposing the new side).

23-Mar-2015, 17:02
The locking tab on the front standard is fine, but the lower screw that holds it in place is loose, i am guessing the wood there is stripped. I am not going to take that apart, as for now even though it is loose, the lock is holding fine with a 1mm drop after letting go of the knob. So - all is well.