View Full Version : Lith printing with Agfa Brovira BEH

21-Mar-2015, 12:42
Ive tried lith printing with Kentmere and Easy Lith Moersch dev. but wasn't impressed with the results and just gave up.... Sence then ive been reading more about it in Tim Rudmans book Master Printing Course.I didn't see him mention Easy Lith or Agfa Brovira BEH FB. Ive seen somewhere that Brovira BEH is good for lith printing.So im gonna get into my retro paper stash and give it a try.
Has anyone here used Brovira BEH for Lith? and does anyone have any tips or tricks for this combo before i go and burn up my last box of this paper?and what does the BEH stand for? thanks for any help.

Merg Ross
21-Mar-2015, 13:00
I can't help you with Lith, but believe the BEH stood for extra hard. I loved the Agfa Brovira papers.

bob carnie
21-Mar-2015, 14:28
I have never had good luck with Brovira for lith printing..tried many times

Steve Sherman
21-Mar-2015, 15:13
Have a friend who makes beautiful Lith prints, always me that warm tone papers are much better for Lith printing than cold tone. Brovira is a very cold tone paper. Has something to do with the Chloride emulsion layer and small grain structure reacting with Lith developers where the grain structure of the Bromide layer in cold tone papers does not respond nearly as well.

21-Mar-2015, 19:20
... but believe the BEH stood for extra hard.

Yes. Contrast Grade = 5 .

22-Mar-2015, 10:41
That brovira is the ultimate paper for solarizing, together with solarol developer. Use it for that!