View Full Version : Is there any way to use Horseman 45 LE lensboard on a Toyo 45 F? Monorails

20-Mar-2015, 23:20
Is there any way to adapt a Horseman 45 LE lensboard 140mm x 140mm to Toyo 45F camera 158mm x 158mm? Both are monorail camera. I was wondering if there is a solution so that I would not have to remount my lenses. I just read that the Horseman has same sized lensboard as a Sinar, and the Toyo View has same sized lensboard as an Omega, if that helps.

Oren Grad
20-Mar-2015, 23:59

There are also Chinese-made adapters available on eBay for quite a bit less.

21-Mar-2015, 07:47
Aside from a having to do slight re-spray on one (damage caused by rough handling courtesy of Royal Mail. . . ) the Chinese ones are pretty good, and atleast to the UK it was quick delivery. Though if You have a lens you'd prefer to use on the Toyo over the Horseman, I'd recomend getting atleast one Toyo panel.

21-Mar-2015, 07:59
Sk Grimes can fabricate an adapter.
It takes them several weeks to make it tho & is much less expensive then the B&H price listed above. It's definitely worth it to save yourself the time & hassle of switching lensboards.

I have all of my lens on Horseman lensboards & pop on the adapter to use the lenses on my Cambo 5x7 & 8x10 cameras.

Alan Gales
21-Mar-2015, 09:19
Another way would be to mount all your lenses on the smaller Technika style boards and buy adapter boards for each camera. The smaller boards are nice and fit many 4x5 field cameras (Chamonix, Shen Hao, Tachihara. Wista) but of course smaller and won't fit large lenses/shutters.

21-Mar-2015, 22:00
Great information. Thanks to all. I will start by visiting Ebay for a Chinese model for starters.

Wishing you great light!