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Bruce E. Rathbun
10-Jan-2005, 19:18
Here is a fairly simple question. When light leaks are present in the film holder channels on the negative is this the camera or the film holder? Both the camera 8x20, and the holders, S&S are still fairly new. These light leaks have been present since the first sheet of film exposed. I always cover my bellows and back with my dark cloth. Any ideas?


Mark Sawyer
10-Jan-2005, 19:31
I dunno, Bruce... are they under the channels? If so, I'd suspect the holder, maybe a split in the edge. Light from a bellows leak shouldn't be coming in at an agle that could get under there. Pretty weird place for a light leak to show up. I'd be tempted to tape a piece of 4x5 film with an edge under the channel where the leaks are showing up, then wave it around in the sun without pulling the slide and "see what develops." (Only have one holder? With 8x20, I wouldn't be surprised...)

Bruce E. Rathbun
10-Jan-2005, 19:35
The leaks are in a strange place. I have three holders so I do need to track down the source. I could always tape a sheet of 8x10 in the holder. I do beleive that the holders are the culprit. This bites as the holders are new!

chris jordan
10-Jan-2005, 20:11
Bruce, are you sure there isn't a problem with the box you keep your film in? If there were a leak somewhere in the film loading process, or in the storage box, it might manifest as a fogging of the film edges because the film is stacked and any leak from the side would affect only the edges. Just my $0.02 wild-ass guess from afar...

Michael Kadillak
10-Jan-2005, 21:16
Are they in the channel at the edge of the end flap? I had a problem with corner fogging with my S&S holders on 12x20 on the flap end and from talking with Sandy King, they are doing several things to continue to stay on top of the customer service curve.

First, they are painting the inside of the flap and the inside area of the holder flat black. Secondly, they are recessing the flap receiver for the dark slide a bit deeper than previously.

I know how frustrating this can be so I would advise contacting Sandy via e-mail and get to the bottom of this. A holder is only as good as its ability to deliver the goods to your complete satisfaction. Rest assured that Sandy as a ULF shooter knows this first hand and he will take good care of you. He is top drawer all the way!


Roger Hein
11-Jan-2005, 05:00

I had a similar problem with my 7x17 S&S holders. With Sandy's help it turns out I had light leaks coming through the sides of the holder where it had insufficient filler applied to cover small holes (knots?) in the wood. It was easy enough to pick out the old filler and re-apply new stuff. Good luck!


Bruce E. Rathbun
11-Jan-2005, 05:28

I wish that the box was the problem. I can take the holder directly into to the darkroom and process with the same result. Looks like it is the holders.


The leaks are all the way around in the channels. On a few negatives the leaks cut into the negative. The flap is not painted black on all three holders. I also have one holder that has longer dark slides. The dark slides do not go all the way in. That may be one problem right there.


That could very well be a problem. Can you send me Sany's e-mail address?I am sure that he will be able to help.

Thanks to all. I will update this post when I have a solution.


Roger Hein
12-Jan-2005, 15:14

He's usually at: sanking@clemson.edu

Bruce E. Rathbun
12-Jan-2005, 15:39
The problem has been identified. Fogged film. Bummer as this was my first box of Efke. My second box should be here in a few days. I will process a fresh sheet of unexposed film to see if there is any fogging this time. Thanks to Ron Wisner for his help. The link below has a post of the negative complete with the fogging. Maybe this was just a fluke.


Bruce E. Rathbun
14-Jan-2005, 21:14
An image recorded today revealed the film was indeed the problem. The new box of Efke wa perfect. No edge fog around the edges. Good and clean. Thanks to all the helped out including Ron Wisner for identifying the problem. Special thanks to Christopher at QCC for responding to my original post regarding the film holders.

Ralph Barker
14-Jan-2005, 21:56
Thanks for the loop-closing post, Bruce. Glad to hear the problem was with consumables, rather than equipment.