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Henry Yorke
15-Mar-2015, 20:07
Hi, everyone.

I put my 4x5 negatives into single Printfile sleeves. These sleeves go into a Printfile tan flip-top box.

Just curious if any of you store Printfile 4x5 single sleeves in any other kind of box besides the Printfile ones. I've been looking around for something that could accommodate more negatives in sleeves than what the flip-top boxes can store - something with greater depth - but haven't been able to find a box that has dimensions close to the Printfile sleeves (5.5W x 5.25H).


15-Mar-2015, 20:29
I use the 4 sheet per page Printfile sleeves.

15-Mar-2015, 20:34
I use these from Archival Methods. Not sure they would work with the PrintFile sleeves, but they might.



Henry Yorke
15-Mar-2015, 20:35
Yes, I used to store my negatives in the Printfile 4-sheet per page - but that was a while ago and my workflow works better with individual sleeves rather than the 4 per page. Thanks anyway.

Light Guru
15-Mar-2015, 21:06
I use simpler single film sleeves.

I then put the negative and the exposure notes for the shot into one of these.

They then go into a box like this

I know the boxes are not really big but I will have the a box only hold a few years worth of negatives. The box then gets ladled with the years for the negatives it holds. Better organization that way.

16-Mar-2015, 08:00
for my 4X5 negs i use the print file sleeves ,4 per sleeve.then put them in a 3 ring binder.they hold alot.I put the neg info on note book paper that goes next to the neg sleeve and a contact sheet if needed.One can section off the binder for different subjects or types of film.They store nice on the shelf.and are very organized with labels on the outside of the binder

16-Mar-2015, 10:43
I put my 4X5 negatives in Mylar sleeves then insert the sleeves in the print file page (4 per page.) Then store the pages in 3 ring binders made of polyester.

16-Mar-2015, 11:35
For large quantities of the single sleeves, I suggest you look at antique stores, flea markets, etc., for old filing card or microfiche cabinets. There were millions of these discarded from libraries, institutions, and companies when everyone went digital.

16-Mar-2015, 11:44
I like the 4 per page and 3 ring binders too. When it's full, I put a date range on the spine and it's done. Contact prints face the negatives inside. Been using page-size printfiles for 25 years and no problems so long as they are kept dry. Notes can go on the plastic or the proof contact. Normal book shelves hold them. I build the book shelves myself.


For single sleeves, the old cabinets would be good; craigslist would be another source for the antique cabinets.