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15-Mar-2015, 18:11
hey everyone,
what's the best approach to ship rock, starting to plan my road trip in late may and wanted to bag ship rock this year.

Kirk Gittings
15-Mar-2015, 20:01
Talk to Robert Langham. He knows it better than any white man alive!

David Lobato
16-Mar-2015, 04:58
The most common access is Hwy 491 south of the town of Shiprock, then right (west) on Hwy 13. Directly south of it there are at least two primitive dirt roads that go north from the highway. Be respectful, it's a special place for the Navajo. It's kind of remote and little else is out there so be prepared.

16-Mar-2015, 05:52
I came up from Hwy13 last December. Just drive around the rock at the cattle guard at the south end of the dike. You might check for trails heading in from the east and northeast off Hwy 491. I think there was another track on the west side off Hwy 13 as well. I did not get to spend near as much time as I wanted so I cannot speak to the other tracks except to say they are there.

BEFORE YOU GO, I recommend Google Streets. Google Earth Pro is now free so you might install that on your computer. The imagery in much better than "streets".

Michael Roberts
16-Mar-2015, 07:44
use the "search forum" button and type "shiprock" to find Robert's threaded discussion from 2013....

17-Mar-2015, 10:01
Thanks everyone!

Robert Langham
21-Mar-2015, 10:18
Dave, PM me if you want some custom information. Glad to help.