View Full Version : New lens . . . Linhof (Schneider) 240mm Tele-Xenar 5.5

14-Mar-2015, 12:57
Just picked this lens up for $125 - beautiful shape, Synchro-Compur shutter. I plan on using it as a head shot lens on my Linhof Color Kardan. I don't know anything about this lens but at the price and condition, I jumped.

Please enlighten me . . . and if I ever go 5x7, will it cover?

Ken Lee
14-Mar-2015, 14:13
According to https://www.keh.com/256633/240-f5-5-tele-xenar-linhof-syn-comp-bt-42-mt-4x5-lens:

Focal Length: 240mm
Aperture Range f/: f/5.5 - f/32
Shutter Type: Compur 1 Synchro, B, T
Maximum Recommended Film Format Inches: 4x5"
Angle of Coverage at f/22: 67
Image Circle at f/22: 252mm @ Infinity
Filter Size: 48mm
Weight/Length: 13.6oz/3"

It might just cover 5x7 at infinity, since a 7 inch square has a diagonal of ~250mm.

At closer than infinity, it will cover more of course.

14-Mar-2015, 22:07
Thank you Ken.