View Full Version : Fotoman 45sps questions (is Fotoman still in business?)

14-Mar-2015, 07:09
I really liked the earlier Fotoman pano cameras. I'm going to be shooting with a 45sps soon too, but can't get a response from all the links for customer service, either from their website or previous threads. Does anyone know if Fotoman is still in business? I'd like to purchase lens cones and helical mounts for the 45 sps.

14-Mar-2015, 09:20
Try their ebay seller/store. They seem to be still in buiness.

14-Mar-2015, 13:23
Do you already have the camera? If not, I have a Geoersi for sale with lenscones etc. Check the Classified or PM me.

Lane Pelissier
14-Mar-2015, 22:52
They are still in business. I have emailed them a few times last week and got quick responses.

15-Mar-2015, 08:01
Yes, they are! I did just receive an email. I guess my earlier attempts went to the wrong server or address.
Richardman, I'll have the 45 sps this week, but thank you anyway. I had a Fotoman 612 and the build quality was outstanding, and the helical focus mount was very accurate. The 45sps really suits my style as I don't need much movement and using hyper focal technique with a mask, it's just a big point and shoot. Perhaps I'll get an a Artist and Artisan strap and wear it around town...yeah, I know, kinda tacky.
Some have mentioned that a downside to this camera is no rotating back, but why not just rotate the camera instead with those beautiful rosewood handles? If you need longer exposures just use a tripod head that adjusts to 90 degrees. Hand held it's just like any other camera.