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Scott Rosenberg
10-Jan-2005, 07:18
i'm in the process of planning some of my photo trips for 2005 and was wondering what trips you guys might have planned. so far, my larger trips in 2005 are looking like:

early April -
Texas Hill Country
the hill country is just a few hours south of me, so a trip to shoot the wildflowers is a must.

early May -
Utah / Arizona
locations include Monument Valley, Page, Cedar Mesa, Coyotee Buttes, Horshoe Bend, and possibly the South Rim of the Canyon.

late May -
i haven't done much research into this area yet, but my wife is going up for a conference, so i figured i'd tag along and done some shooting.

August -
i hope to hike out to Crater Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area and then spend a little time in Rocky Mountain National Park.

October / September -
North Carolina
i'd like to spend a little time shooting the foliage in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, hopefully the parkway will be cleaned up from all the storms in 2004!

those are the major trips i've got planned... what about you? whare are you going to be shooting this year?

Garry Teeple
10-Jan-2005, 08:03
Hawaii and Kauai in February

Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Camdenton, MO (old burned out stone castle) April

Rest of the year, save money for the next.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
10-Jan-2005, 08:15
No more than an hour away from home; fortunately that includes alot of scenic areas.

Stan. Laurenson-Batten
10-Jan-2005, 09:39
It seems I am alone again this side of the pond.
April will find me in the Highlands and Islands of Bonnie Scotland.

Jeremy Moore
10-Jan-2005, 10:28
Scott, where at in the Hill Country? I'm in the D/FW area of TX so I may already be heading up there in April.

Scott Rosenberg
10-Jan-2005, 10:45

i'm also in DFW. i haven't put too much thought into that trip just yet, so i don't know exactaly when or where i'll be going, but earaly to mid april is a good estimate.

shoot me an email if you're planning a trip down there.

Scott Rosenberg
10-Jan-2005, 11:08
whoops! permits for coyote buttes north are already gone through july 2005! looks like that trip is going to be pushed back to late summer!

Gem Singer
10-Jan-2005, 11:15
Hi Scott,

You really don't need to go all the way to the hill country. Lady Bird Johnson endowed the Texas Wildflower Center, in Austin. They are open to the public and have a beautiful display and educational presentation in early April, when the wildflowers are in bloom. You can set up your large format camera and shoot a huge variety of wildflowers without the need to drive the backroads and risk being shot at by a disgruntled land owner who may think you are trespassing and taking pictures of his property for a different purpose.

Ken Cravillion
10-Jan-2005, 20:04
-Spring wildflowers in Door County

-Isle Royale sometime this Summer or Fall with kayak

-Apostle Islands sometime this Late Summer with kayak

-Various places at various times here in Wisconsin

Nicholas Fiduccia
10-Jan-2005, 21:01

You really don't need permit ahead of time. The last time I was at "the wave", they opened up 10 permits a day on a first come first serve basis. I believe they opened up the permit for the reservation on the next day (ie. if you want to hit the wave on Tuesday, be there early on Monday morning. Just find out what time they open and be there at least an hour in advance to wait in line. It usually is not too hard if you are persistent and come early. Good light!

Steve Bell
11-Jan-2005, 06:52
I'll be travelling up to the Isle of Skye here in the UK at the end of May for a week. I'm new to 4x5, so will be duplicating a lot of shots I took on 35mm last June, and visiting new areas. I just need to sort out a new backpack. Other than that there'll be plenty of long weekends to the Norfolk coast, North Yorhshire moors, and maybe some time in Dorset.

Scott Bacon
11-Jan-2005, 07:15
Hey Scott, Drop me a note if you want company on the Crater Lake trip. I need to get back up there. ;-)

My other goals for this year:

Winter, winter, winter! I never shoot enough during this season. Nokhu Crags & Shrine Pass.

Summer in the Snowy Range (paradox?)

More RMNP backcountry bushwacking

William Blunt
11-Jan-2005, 09:28
Might want to check on Ha Ha Tonka before going, last time I was there most was roped off to keep people from getting too close. Guess they are afraid of law suits if someone gets hurt from possible falling stones. Been a few years so it might be different now,
Wm Blunt

Garry Teeple
11-Jan-2005, 10:12
Bill, I was there two years ago in November but only had the 35mm with me. We were returning from a trip to Branson. There were still some locations that you could get to and shoot around the castle but I am actually more interested in some of the other areas like the Coliseum area. Garry

Scott Rosenberg
11-Jan-2005, 12:51

i'll definately take you up on that; i'd love a little company. once i get things figured out, i'll shoot you an email. i'd like to time the trip so i can do crater lake, rocky mountain np, and yankee boy basin in one trip - hopefully when the wildflowers are blooming. from my research, it's a pretty good hike in, long enough to make it a two or three day affair. spending two nights out there would allow for two sunrises and two sunsets, which was what i was hoping to do.

i don't know how you guys take all that arctic weather (rick dunn is a whole different animal), but good luck with the winter scenics.

Scott Bacon
11-Jan-2005, 13:01
Its a very nice overnighter, though I've done it in one long brutal
day (into the night) - 8 miles one-way, 2800 ft. elevation gain. A backcountry
permit is required for overnight (in the summer months) and they go fairly
quick. So when you decide on timing, let me know and I'll reserve a permit.

Scott Rosenberg
11-Jan-2005, 14:34

sounds good... i was planning on something like this:

day 1 -
start hike in around 8:00am
shoot sunset
camp by lake

day 2 -
shoot sunrise
explore area
shoot sunset
camp by lake

day three -
shoot sunrise
hike out

Scott Rosenberg
11-Jan-2005, 14:36
it's about 2,000 miles round trip, so i'd like to give myself more than just one shot at good light!!

Scott Bacon
11-Jan-2005, 15:03
"it's about 2,000 miles round trip, so i'd like to give myself more than just one shot at good light!!"

I hear ya. But it'll be the last 8 miles with LF and overnight gear packed on the back that will be the longest. ;-)

Scott Rosenberg
11-Jan-2005, 16:42
yeah, i'm working on that! dropped my technika (~7 lbs) for an ebony (~3 lbs) and am rebuilding my lens kit... i used to carry 110-150-240-300 and now i'm going with 110-180-300.

plus, i'm conditioning myself to function without food or water for up to 96 hours... i don't know about you, but all i'm taking in is my camera gear and a poncho!

should be a fun trip... any thoughts on the best time to make it?

Scott Bacon
11-Jan-2005, 18:49
Hey! That lens selection will complement my 75, 135, 210 selection nicely! ;-)

I've made the trip once in September (overnight), and once in mid October. But if you're planning on a summer wildflower trip, anytime in July would work.