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13-Mar-2015, 17:53
I'm looking at a Linhof Kardan 8x10 on ebay. In the listing it doesn't mention film holders so probably not; I have emailed the seller to see but haven't heard back yet. Does anyone know if it takes only specific brands of holders other than the Linholf? If so, what type? I don't want to spend money on something I won't be able to use.
I am a beginner at LF. I've done 35mm since 1979 but never LF. I'm currently taking a class in it at our community college and love it!

13-Mar-2015, 19:45
DOH! I can't read apparently...

Leonard Robertson
13-Mar-2015, 20:28
Searching eBay, even with Worldwide location, I see only three 8X10 Linhofs. All are new enough that they use "modern" 8X10 sheet film holders.

If camera weight is an issue for you, you might so a search for the weight of this model. I know the 8X10 Linhofs from the 1950s were terribly heavy. These newer models appear to be lighter weight, but it still may be worth knowing exactly what the weight is. Linhof monorails tended to be designed as studio cameras so light weight wasn't as important as making a sturdy camera.


Tin Can
13-Mar-2015, 23:40
I have 2 of the 8x10 1950's Color Kardan Linhof's which are very heavy as a studio camera should be for stability.

Mine take standard 8x10 film holders and surely any newer Kardan 8X10 does also.

That said, I love mine, they are very high quality, but only buy old cameras that are complete and working as parts are sometimes difficult, except for bellows and ground glass which have many suppliers.

If your dream camera ends auction in 16 hours on USA eBay, it sure looks nice to me, and has a nice lens shutter combo. But that is a studio camera and not the best for field work. Keep that in mind.

If I was buying that camera, I would make sure I was willing to gamble a little, and be prepared to send it back and lose the shipping fees.

PM me if you want to chat further, believe me I do not want another so I am not competition in any 8X10 Linhof auction.

Good luck!

14-Mar-2015, 16:42
8x10 Standard KARDAN can hold all the traditional standard 8x10 holders at least.

Tin Can
14-Mar-2015, 17:19
OP Shill ?

14-Mar-2015, 17:50
Thank you everyone
I haven't found a site yet that lists the weight for the Karden even the Linhof site.

As far as probable use of a LF camera I'm not looking at studio. At this point. Outdoors, indoor non-studio work, nature. People, odd shaped landscapes, skewed persective. I'm looking for a 8x10 or larger because my interst in printing is in historical processes. I'm currently working with albuem (home made) papers. I've also fallen in love with palladium. I absolutely dispise making digital negatives as my head just won't wrap around the whole digital thing. I'm in my 50's so digital is not what I was welped on. That said, I've found Gimp to be the most user friendly of the lot, tho not so friendly to me.

So, any suggestions on a LF 8x10 or more that does not cost $10,000 or there abouts? Suggestions on a reputable site to find one? I've looked at KEH, Adorama, Badger but none either with 8x10s that won't break the bank as far as new and no 8x10+ used.

What camera would you guys suggest? The one I'm using at school is an Orbit 4x5. It's ok but doesn't feel like the camera that I'd want. And, while we're at it, a tripod that you'd suggest? My manfisio (not sure of the spelling) is great for my Pentax K100 but definatly has the shimmies with the LF.

14-Mar-2015, 17:54
Make that my Pentax K1000

Tin Can
14-Mar-2015, 19:19
Now you should get a few answers.

First camera is tough, nearly everybody gets it wrong and then wants something else.

I know I did and have switched quite a bit.

Have you read most of the FAQ's on this site? Study this for a while. http://www.largeformatphotography.info/

Alan Gales
14-Mar-2015, 19:23
I shoot a Wehman 8x10 but they are no longer made and hard to find used. The Ritter and Chamonix both look pretty nice if you are looking for a new camera.



Oh, and listen to Randy.

15-Mar-2015, 13:24
This brings up the question: what 8x10 camera since the Century 1 cannot use modern film holders.

I think the OP need not be terribly concerned.

Leonard Robertson
15-Mar-2015, 17:18
I kept wondering about the weight of a newer Linhof Kardan 8X10. I found this page:


He gives the weight as 16.5 lbs (7.5 kgs) which isn't too bad for a studio camera. I believe my 8X10 Eastman 2D and 8X10 Ansco are both around 13 lbs., just as a point of comparison. I know there are lighter 8X10s than that but my impression is they tend to be expensive compared with an Eastman or Ansco.