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10-Mar-2015, 15:15
I just got a batch of CEA OGA green sensitive x-ray films (13x18).
Has anyone determined the film speed and developing times at 20C?



Andrew O'Neill
10-Mar-2015, 16:03
Which developer will you use? I'm using EI 100 with very dilute Pyrocat-HD, tray development, 21C.
Have you looked through this thread? http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?48099-X-ray-Film-example-and-comparison

11-Mar-2015, 03:03
If there are no compelling reasons to do otherwise, I will use HC-110 with tray development. For my 4x5 I use the motorized Paterson Orbital. I did a global search on the film name and the only info I find is that it is "fast" and that development time is 90-180 seconds at high temperature (above 35C) - in a developing mechine, I presume.
I have read parts of the very long x-ray thread (it convinced me to try it now myself) but haven't yet seen useful hints on film speed. Are there any specific parts you're refering to?

Liquid Artist
12-Mar-2015, 04:40
Take a look at this thread.

Andrew O'Neill
12-Mar-2015, 08:05
Great link, Liquid Artist!

13-Mar-2015, 14:11
Thanks. I just finished my first try. I shot two quarter cut sheets in my Rolleiflex, one exposed as 50ISO and one as 100ISO. I have developed 4 mins in HC110 agitating continuously. The 50ISO came out surprisingly well (64ISO will be my next guess); the developing could have been less. The finished sheets are surprisingly blue. At least now I now where my ballpark is :) and I can start serious testing. If I end up shooting 500 sheets at 3.5 cent per sheet, I'll be in heaven.