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Emrehan Zeybekoglu
9-Jan-2005, 03:33
Hi everyone,
How do you take care of your brass on your camera? I have a few spots on my camera that became tarnished and don't know how I can clean and protect those parts from further oxidation. Thanks..

ronald moravec
9-Jan-2005, 05:46
The brass is laquered. Remove with laquer thinner, polish with Brasso or other matal polish, and relaquer. Remove the part from the camera to work on it.

Now how did we protect laquer car car finishes before the plastic coatings. Right. Nu-Finish car wax. Comes in an orange/red bottle. Don`t get the paste for this.

Cotton swabs ond cheese cloth to apply and remove. A soft old tooth brush will get it out of the cracks.

I did my new to me Zone 6 in mint condition right after I got it. It still looks the same. If it holds up on a car, a camera should be a piece of cake.

Jim Rice
9-Jan-2005, 07:25
I actually value the blemishes on my Wisner Tech. They are testament of it's life and mine. Maybe I'm just an old softy.

Ted Harris
9-Jan-2005, 08:35
Don't forget that once you have removed the laquer you have committed yoruself to a life of polishing the brass regularly.

Witold Grabiec
10-Jan-2005, 10:52
I would advise against laquering for only one reason. If the laquer chips it will expose this small area to the elements, which will get ugly quick, especially by comparison to its surroundings. This will lead quickly to yet another removal/relaquering. Some users may not have seen much of laquer chipping, but it's a possibility.

I like the other suggestion:

remove laquer (if you indeed have any) and let it age naturally. The oxidation will not take things too far.

Emrehan Zeybekoglu
10-Jan-2005, 13:59
Thank you all for the advise..