View Full Version : Hand Development of 4x5 using JOBO 2521 in PMK Pyro?

7-Mar-2015, 09:28
Good day all,

Just thought I'd ask you all out there for your take on Hand processing (inversion) 4x5 in JOBO 2521 tanks with PMK Pyro...

Does anyone do it? How have your results been?

Obviously, I'm going to use more chemistry in the tank vs the rolling agitation method...was curious about streaking.
Planned on using my standard agitation for first minute then agitate 2 inversions every 15 seconds as I do with 120/35 film in the JOBO 1500's.
I've had great results with 120/35.

Thanks in advance,

Robert Oliver
7-Mar-2015, 09:59
I do it. To keep from getting turbulence effects, I change my inversion technique every time and also set the tank down upside down and sideways as well throughout the process.

I'm not using PYro anymore though...