View Full Version : Technika 65mm SA on 4x5?

Mark Sawyer
7-Jan-2005, 17:34
Will a somewhat older (sn 493xxxx) 65mm f/8 Super Angulon in a Technika mount cover 4x5?

I've searched this site and the web for info on this, and came up with conflicting answers, (yes, with an inch of movement; just very barely; no, it vignettes the corners...) Anybody know for sure?

Mark want buy lens. Mark want know now.

Ted Harris
7-Jan-2005, 18:21
According to Scchneider the answer is a definite NO

http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/super-angulon/data/8-65mm.html (http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/super-angulon/data/8-65mm.html)

7-Jan-2005, 18:23
I use a 65mm SA on my calumet 4x5, works great and covers perfectly. I dont have requirements for shift or tilt of the lens but quite sure there are only a few extra mm of coverage. Not sure if this answers your question in regards to the technica. The big problem with the lens is having your hand or cable release in the picture. ooops. :-(

Dan Fromm
7-Jan-2005, 20:26
Ted, how does coverage of 155 mm @ f/16 translate to "definite NO"? Doesn't it mean "covers but doesn't allow movements"? Or is there some other limitation of the camera or mount that I'm not aware of?



Bob Salomon
8-Jan-2005, 03:40
" is there some other limitation of the camera or mount that I'm not aware of?"

To mount it on the camera and be able to focus you will also need the Wide Angle Focusing Device.

Ted Harris
8-Jan-2005, 08:00

Sorry bout that .. what I get for posting while half asleep and watching TV at the same time. You are correct of course. It will cover, barely, with absolutely no room for movement.

Richard Littlewood
8-Jan-2005, 09:26
I have a 65mm f8 SA, an older 1960's one that looks like a shrunk 90mm f8 especially as it is in a 00 size shutter. Despite it being a tricky lens to compose through it works well on 5x4. True, there is little movement, and a centre filter will be on yous list of 'next buys', but it is a cracking compact ultra wide lens, below f16 sharp from edge to edge, even on 5x4. I use mine with a Walker Titan SF with bag bellows on a flat panel, and the camera is about as compacted as it will go. Buy it! (but look for a centre filter also)

David A. Goldfarb
8-Jan-2005, 10:16
I've got one that I use on my Tech V 4x5" with the wide-angle focusing device, and it does just cover the format with no movements at infinity.

Mark Sawyer
8-Jan-2005, 10:50
Thanks, guys! The forum comes through again; guess I'll have to get me one of them there lenses and just remember (as usual) to be careful about the corners. It's going on a Calumet wood field, so no need for a special wide angle focusing device.

Colin Carron
8-Jan-2005, 16:28
Mark, I use the SA 65/8 on 4x5 quite a bit. I like it despite the #00 shutter being fiddly to work. As above, the image circle only just covers and I always stop down as far as possible to give myself the best chance of covering. I only use back movements and occasionally a few mm rise. The corners of the frame are clearly darker but I like the way that goes with the ultra wde angle perspective.