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3-Mar-2015, 09:16
Hello everybody!

Im still quite new to the "film business" and have two newbe quastions regarding exspired film and its storage. In the end of 2013 I buyed some boxes of Velvia 50 4x5 that exspired 12/2012. I buyed them from a big german dealer, that for sure stored them professionaly (but not frozen). I put them into the freezer immediately. I have used some of them and had no problems.

But now I dropped some of the remaining boxes on to concrete while they were frozen and I was bringing them to a new freezer. Could there be any damage to the film from the shock like fissures ore something else? Maybe this is a silly question but I dont want to get the problem when a picture is messed up.

And another question please. If I now use one of these boxes I wont put them back into the freezer. Is there any clue how long it takes, if I get noticable color shifts or base fog?

Best regards, Sebastian

3-Mar-2015, 09:29
The film is more than likely fine. If the box is dented a lot, there may be bent corners but that's no likely either.
I've shot velvia that expired 15yrs ago which had zero color issues. At room temp you've got plenty of time before any issues. I've had film in holders for a year or more w/o issues. I've also had some velvia go magenta on me but it was at room temp for at least 2yrs.

3-Mar-2015, 09:37
Vinny is right. I add that I would use the film from the most damaged box first.