View Full Version : Copal 0 to Copal-adapter-which size?

2-Mar-2015, 04:01
Am i right that i need 40.5 to 29.5mm-adapter to attach-copal-0 device on copal-1-shutter?
Front-thread of copal 0 being 32,5mm, right?

Dan Fromm
2-Mar-2015, 06:45
Wrong. See http://www.skgrimes.com/products/new-copal-shutters/standardcopals

If you are going to remount lens cells that fit a #0 into a #1 you'll also have to preserve the cell spacing.

4-Mar-2015, 22:42
M40 to 29.5mm -adapter, right?
used mechanical gauge measuring wrong 40.5m. electronic one measuring 40mm or a bit less.
its no problem since when purchasing its declared copal0-copal1-adapter.
On the other rear-side m39-thread ring(37.85mm) is working on copal1- 38.90.

Thanks a lot
btw: is it confirmed that mr. grimes is not under us anymore unfortunately?