View Full Version : MasterView Lens Boards

20-Aug-1999, 21:18
I recently purchased a Kodak Master View (8x10) and am in need of some lens boar ds. I need to mount some lenses (Ilex #5). I also wish to make one board into an adaptor board (for Canham lens board).

A good high quality reproduction is acceptable.

Any ideas or suggestions???

Regards, Steve

John Hicks
20-Aug-1999, 23:25
Check with local machine shops; often they'll make a drill aluminum boards for l ost cheaper than you can buy them from camera dealers.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
21-Aug-1999, 01:39
Henry! Henry Stanley! Call for Mr. Henry Stanley!

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
21-Aug-1999, 01:43
p.s. Al Bowker is at 303 - 650-1984

24-Aug-1999, 12:30
Thank you all... I have contacted Al, and I have two boards on the way!