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28-Feb-2015, 08:35
Looking at this Sinar (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sinar-8x10-Large-Format-View-Camera-w-Body-Lens-Board-Vintage-fb-100-D33-/121573479119?) on Ebay. Wondering:

What model is this? This seems like a great deal.
How does one attach it to a tripod (there being two mounting pads)? Or is it missing a center clamp with tripod mount? Where would I get a center clamp, what's the part number or nomeclature and what would it cost?
Where would I get a rail extension...what's its part number or nomenclature and what would it cost?
Do these cameras' clamps get worn such that they can't be properly (evern adjustment) focused and or locked down?
How heavy are these? I'd be using it in the field.
Can a lens board be made up of masonite or plywood or do you have to have a Sinar board? If the latter, what do they cost and where can you get them used?

Thanks in advance!
Stewart Dean
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Gudmundur Ingolfsson
28-Feb-2015, 09:31
This is sort of a half 8x10" Norma. There is a complete Norma 8x10" format changing kit + a universial frame + a rail +a rail clamp+an adapter for Hasselblad camera. To turn this into a nice 8x10" with a comendium lens hood you need a front standard, a universial 4x5" bellows for the comendium, maybe an extra rail extention and the most difficult thing to get is a small L shaped clip to fix the compedium bellow to the Norma front. An 8x10" Norma is a great light weight camera. Belive me I have one !

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
28-Feb-2015, 09:36
Sorry I did not notice that the ground glass and the ground glass frame were
missing. That explains the "bargain" price.

Steven Tribe
28-Feb-2015, 12:13
The missing front standard has been replaced by an intermediate standard whose usual function is just to work as a bridge between 2 bellows sections.
Much less than 1/2 a set.

William Whitaker
28-Feb-2015, 12:18
That is a collection of Norma parts, but far from being a complete camera. Besides the fact that it is missing the back and ground glass carrier, it does not have a front standard. It has an auxiliary or "multipurpose standard" which is not the same. While it can be used in a pinch, it lacks the refinements of a proper front standard. Furthermore, it is missing a knob. The rail clamp appears to be present, so mounting it to a tripod should not be a problem. The missing 8x10 back is, for me, a deal killer. It may be possible to have one made, but it would be a complex job because of the light trap. I would wait for the real thing to come along (they do; infrequently, but they do).