View Full Version : Polaroid type 55 with Diafine or HC110

28-Feb-2015, 06:16
Found a forgotten box of polaroid type 55 which expired in 2007. I'm sure the chemical packet inside is probably dried up but the film negative should still be ok. Has anyone here ever developed the negative without using the polaroid processor? Can it be developed in something like diafine?
I can't find anything on the web for other developer alternatives except the mention of HC-100 but no times.

or sell the box and buy some of the new Bergger film coming out soon?

28-Feb-2015, 19:29
iso 32ish developded for 7 min in xtol or D76 1:1 at 68 deg would get you pretty darn close...
it is often said to be kodak panatomic X...

course, you wouldn't get the cool border :)