View Full Version : The FREE 2005 Joshua Tree Workshop Jan. 28 to Jan.

Per Volquartz
6-Jan-2005, 15:31
The 2005 Annual FREE Joshua Tree Large Format Workshop / Gettogether (Our 11th FREE Workshop!):

Date: Friday January 28 through Sunday January 30

Place: Joshua Tree National Park Camping in Joshua Tree National Park or stay in motels in the nearby metropolis of Joshua Tree. January should be spectatacular in Joshua Tree - AND hopefully we get clouds and perhaps even a rain-shower??? AND the potluck Saturday Night Mexican Food cook-out is fantastic!

To sign up for the workshop please email me with the following information:

Name of Workshop / Gettogether: JOSHUA TREE 2005

Your Name

Email address

Number of people in your party

Car license number

Telephone (cell) number

Expected time / day of arrival