View Full Version : Glossiest / Smoothest fiber paper ?

25-Feb-2015, 00:36
MG IV, Fomabrom, MCC etc are about the same. I remember Ilford Watmtone as beeing more glossy (from years ago), old Bergger too. I also read Ilford Galery is different (glossier?). So which glossy paper on the market has the smoothest (least waviness when looked at an angle), glossiest surface, air-dried. Thanks!

Michael R
25-Feb-2015, 07:26
You might want to try Ilford cooltone FB. It appears (to me) to be slightly glossier than most other papers.

25-Feb-2015, 08:45
Is it also smoother?

Eric Biggerstaff
25-Feb-2015, 09:34
I find the new Ilford Classic to be the glossiest and smoothest paper when air dried that is currently available. But, this is a very subjective perception as everyone is likely to have a different idea of what glossy and smooth is.

Drew Wiley
25-Feb-2015, 16:03
Cooltone is definitely a bit more glossy than Classic, but also more finicky in terms of getting surface blemishes if you don't handle it carefully prior to and during
processing. I always pick it up along the margin, outside the image area itself.