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Frank Petronio
6-Jan-2005, 06:16
After praising the large, luxurious 171mm Arca-Swiss lensboards, I am coming to grips with the reality that they are HUGE. Even though I am not an ultra-light backpacker, they take up so much room in my trunk case that I am getting frustrated. Plus they aren't cheap! So I am considering getting the adapter that uses standard Linhof Technika style lensboards. Question One: Does the current "F-Line" model of the adapter board have a recess or is it flat? Question Two: Is there any issue with using less expensive, but not as nicely made, Japanese versions of the Technika boards? Question Three: I can buy a new "F-Line" adapter board from Europe but does anyone have one in the USA? I don't want the older, pre-"F-line" adapter, (it doesn't have the mechanical light seal and it doesn't exude that 1980's black Euro-cool Kraftwerk appeal...) because it won't go with my Porsche ;-)

Finally, anyone want to trade a large 6-inch Sinar-sized Gnass three lens case for the smaller Technika-sized one? (Arca 171mm boards are a tight fit in the Sinar-sized case.)

Leslie Gordon
6-Jan-2005, 07:04
Answers to your fiirst two q's:

1) Recessed

2) Shouldn't be any issues. I have a few cheapy Technika style boards, and while they don't "snap" right into the adapter as others do, they are flush, light-tight, and secure.

3) Call Photomark in Arizona-- they actually stock Arca gear, if you can believe that!

Frank Petronio
6-Jan-2005, 08:07
This has got to be cheaper than buying all new 141mm frames and bellows... Thanks

Donald Brewster
6-Jan-2005, 08:26
Don't have one anymore, but I used to have the Arca/Technika board -- sold my Arca ;-( I got mine through Badger. Recessed. Very good, very expensive. Fit very well with the Nikon made Technika style boards I used. Worked very well with the Technika boards too.

Frank Petronio
6-Jan-2005, 08:42
Thanks for the tip on Photomark - forgot about them. Found a used third-party (Canham?) board with sliders instead of the fancy Arca spring clamps. Used the savings to purchase a stack of Tech boards. I will probably come out ahead, as my regular Arca boards will do pretty well on eBay...

Spencer Cliss
6-Jan-2005, 19:56
Have you considered the adapter for the Arca 110 mm lens boards? The advantage would be that if at one point you decide to go with the 6x9 front standard (assuming 4x5 inch), you'll already have the correct lens boards.

Frank Petronio
6-Jan-2005, 20:36
I figure it is more likely that I might get a different brand of camera, and many of the smaller ones I like use the Technika boards. Also it is easier to share lenses with other photographers.

I already bought a leather wide angle bellows, and the price of the frames is so high that I doubt I'd convert my 4x5 to a 141mm or 110mm framed camera. If anything, I'll snatch up more of the 171mm stuff as people switch their "obsolete" gear to the new smaller sizes.

Also, I do a lot of architectural verticals, and having lots of rise is important. The 4x5-6x9 field camera doesn't have as much rise (I think).

BTW, Badger, Photomark, and MPEX all have the adapters on stock for a change.


Marko Trebusak
6-Jan-2005, 22:51
Frank, another possibility would be to contact SKgrimes. They make adaptor from your lens board. The price from their web site is 135$ (you supply the lens board).


Ellis Vener
7-Jan-2005, 07:49
I have the older Arca-Swiss made Technica to Arca-Swiss lensboard adapter, it is flat and it is also black . I believethe new ones are recessed. I have mine more or less permanaently mounted on my Arca-Swiss F-line camera. I've had no problems with light leaks over the past six years.

7-Jan-2005, 08:21
i have it (current model, bought direct to arca, recess), it's expensive but very well made.
Considering linhof type lensboard, i like the wista one, and you have to know that even the linhof ones are not all the same thickness ...
But, if it was to do it again, i will go with the arca 171/110 for two reasons :
Thirst i have an arca F line 69 (along with a technika IV), and the second one is that i just found the arca 110 recessed lens board much better than the linhof style, and the fact that you can turn you lens it's very good to be able to read F stops in every conditions !
If money is a concern, you can buy a cheap second hand XXX/linhof adaptater and fix it on a 171 arca recessed lens board !

Bob Salomon
7-Jan-2005, 08:30
"ven the linhof ones are not all the same thickness"

Yes they are. But current ones are much more precise in their size and thickness then older ones. This means that sometimes you might have to scrape the edges of the Technika board for it to fit the camera as the fit is so precise today that the layer of paint on the board's edge may not let it mount properly on a specific camera. Of course, with the latest cameras this is not a concern as they aare made with the more precise boards in mind.

So if you have an older camera and a newer board it may appear that the boards are not the same thickness. They are (measured at the contact points on the board. The widths may vary due to the paint layer.

11-Jan-2005, 00:41
Bob, i find the inverse to be true as well ... i used to have a technikardan S 45, adn some old original linhof panels dinn't fit (too large !) .