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Jim Becia
24-Feb-2015, 09:53
Does anyone know the exact size of the push on cap that would fit the rear cell of a Graphic Kowa 210 f9? I come up with something like 42mm edge to edge but that is using a tape measure. So a push on cap could be anything from 43 to 46mm. I could not find anything with a search. I need a push on cap for a recently acquired lens. Any help is appreciated.

24-Feb-2015, 10:51
B&H has a selection of B+W push on lens caps (they make them for Schneider) for a very reasonable price. They are sized by the O.D. of the lens cell you want to cover. A pair of plastic metric calipers from some tool supply are a good tool for LF photographers too. These will give you a more exact measurement.

24-Feb-2015, 12:47
When I get home, I'll check my Kowa 210 and see if the rear cap is labeled with the diameter. If not, I'll use my caliper to measure the cell OD and the cap ID.

24-Feb-2015, 15:38
I have the Computar version which I suspect has the same size rear cell even if the optical formula is different in most cases. I'm using a Schiender slip on cap with the number SN223-20 its a 43mm version. There is more in this thread that I think also suggests using this cap for the Kowa: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?43049-210mm-Graphic-Kowa-w-Filters/page2

24-Feb-2015, 15:53
If tou end up with one that's a slightly loose fit, cut some black electrical tape down to 1/2" wide and wrap it around the lens. Works every time.

24-Feb-2015, 16:22
The rear cap is 43mm.

24-Feb-2015, 17:41

Jim Becia
24-Feb-2015, 17:56
Everyone, thank you. I will search out a 43mm push on cap, and Vinny's idea for the electrical tape is a nice fix if the cap is a little loose. And thanks again for all your help! Jim