View Full Version : Tiny Impossible Project enlarger?

Tin Can
24-Feb-2015, 09:06
I just noticed this which resembles a tiny enlarger for printing onto Instant Film with a Smartphone as both image source and light head.


Maybe it's not new, as I think I have seen one before and I know Polaroid had something like up it in both 4X5 and 8X10.

Tracy Storer
24-Feb-2015, 09:18
Polaroid, Vivitar, and Daylab had various offerings for copying prints, printing from 35mm sildes, etc, but not smartphone version AFAIK. Impossible was announcing / advertising the Instant lab for a while.

Tin Can
24-Feb-2015, 09:29
Looks like it has a lens inside. $250 is not crazy Impossible, considering what Polaroid 405's can sell for.

Party favors, I guess!

Or selfies forever. I really hate that word, 'selfie'. painful to hear or write, but those darn kids these days...LOL

24-Feb-2015, 19:04
Impossible's Instant Lab has been around for about three years. They are fun, but the film is pricey, about $3 per shot. Fuji has an Instax printer for smart phones that sells for about $200. The film is about a third the price of Impossible.

Tin Can
24-Feb-2015, 21:05
I would never use it.