View Full Version : Which 210mm les should I keep?

23-Feb-2015, 21:21
Opps it won't let me edit the title. Should read "Which 210mm LENS should I keep"

Last week a member was looking for a 210mm Rodenstock Sironar-N. While Examining mine I realized I have four 210mm lenses! I think it's time to part with at least two of them, but which ones to keep? I have:
Rodenstock Sironar-n 5.6
Caltar IIN 5.6
Fujinon W 5.6
APO-Computar Symmetrigon 6.3
The glass is very clean in all of them. The shutters all work and sound strong (I just got the iPhone shutter speed app, so Ill check them all before any final decision)

I'm leaning toward the Caltar (I understand its the same lens as the Sironar-N) and the Fuji for purely sentimental reasons. Does anyone know the strengths or weaknesses of any of these?

23-Feb-2015, 22:22
You don't mention what formats you are into, but if you ever think 8x10 is a possibility keep the Fujinon. I believe its the only one on that list that will cover 8x10.

David Karp
23-Feb-2015, 22:43
It depends on which Fujinon you have. If it is the one marked "Fujinon W" on the inner front lens ring, then it covers 8x10. If it is the one marked "Fujinon W" on the outside of the lens barrel, it is really an "NW" and will have less coverage.

John Kasaian
23-Feb-2015, 23:14
Which two lenses have you used to capture the most "keepers?" Those are the two I'd keep.:)

23-Feb-2015, 23:25
Dont feel bad.. I think I have about 10 at that focal length.. Domaz has a good point about the Fujinon.
But if I was just shooting 4x5 i would keep the Rodenstock. I have one and I love it.

24-Feb-2015, 12:28
Hell, keep them all.............L

Eric Woodbury
24-Feb-2015, 14:00
I love my Caltar (Rodenstock), but it doesn't get out much. Too heavy. Occasionally on the 5x7.

Peter De Smidt
24-Feb-2015, 14:06
Test them. I predict that the Fuji will be the best performer.

24-Feb-2015, 15:24
I had the same issue with 210s (there's something about that focal length). I kept the 210 Nikkor (I standardized on that brand - not much difference among the big 4), g-claron , ilex acutar and dagor. I sold a geronar, symmar, caltar s ii, and symmetrigon.

24-Feb-2015, 17:44
Yea if you only shoot 4x5 keep the sharp and compact one, sell the rest, just test it, 4 sheets should do it!

24-Feb-2015, 18:11
Test them.

That would require effort...........L