View Full Version : Bellows for Crown Graphic

22-Feb-2015, 20:57
I've got a Crown Graphic 4x5 with a few minor pinholes in the bellows. For now I'm going to patch them up using the bellows repair liquid from Equinox Photographic, but longer term I would prefer to replace the bellows.

I've checked the usual places but I can't find anyone selling replacement bellows for this camera. I assume that I could get them custom made, but that sounds expensive. Does anyone have suggestions of where I can buy a replacement bellows for this camera for a sane price?

22-Feb-2015, 21:20
Direct links to eBay sales are frowned upon here but find listing 281247683495 (bellows for Crown/Speed Graphics, $93 shipped). The seller is ecbuyonline2008 and many here have had dealings with him, my purchases have all been very positive including a couple of bellows that were custom made.

22-Feb-2015, 23:36
I bought a bellows for a technika III from that seller and it came quickly, considering it was China and it is a good bellows.


23-Feb-2015, 01:31
Thanks for the tip, I'll go with that option.

Strange, even if I do an eBay search selecting 'worldwide', that item doesn't come up for me, but if I use the item number it is all good. Regardless, I'm now happy :)