View Full Version : Toyo Roll Film Holder

Dave Schneidr
1-Nov-1999, 14:32
I have a chance to buy a Toyo 4x5 6x9 roll film holder. I used it over the weeke nd to be sure it is funtional and it seems just fine. One question on film loadi ng, the paper is in a straight path between the two spools until you close the b ack. The rolls and pressure plate then push into position. Does this cause the p aper to unwind slightly from the take up spool resulting in mis-aligned first fr ame? The dry runs I did with scrap film looked about 50/50 on this question. I'l l know more when I get a chance to develop the film. Any response from experienc ed users. What's a fair price for this holder. It is in the original box, no ins truction sheets, and appears to have had very little use. The shop is asking $37 5.

Yong-ran Zhu
1-Nov-1999, 17:50
I have Toyo 6x7 roll film holder for my Toyo 4x5 field camera and believe that it has the same mechanism as you mentioned. I have no problem with it. Only you need make sure that the arrow on the film paper is located in the center of the round hole. Then you can close the cover. The cost of a new one is $599 from B&H.

James Chow
3-Nov-1999, 22:13
I have the Toyo 6x7 back. I don't think it's important that the paper will unwind a little from the pressure plate pressing against the paper once you close the back. There should be enough extra length in 120 rollfilm to accommodate this (I'm sure the back at least partially compensates for it in the amount that you rachet to the first frame). Frame spacing on my 6x7 back is somewhat close but very even, but I've had no problems with misaligned first frames thus far.