View Full Version : need help identifying mystery parts

Michael Roberts
21-Feb-2015, 11:49
I bought a lot of odd vintage parts. One looks like a rear rail to an Eastman View No. 2 (not the dark finish). However, it is too big for the 8x10. It is 9 and 1/2 inches wide and 14 inches long (in contrast to the 8 and 1/2 and 12 inches long for the 8x10). It has three grooves on the sides--for front standard guides, rear standard guides, and a sliding tripod block, just like my 8x10 2D.

I also have the matching tripod block, which fits perfectly but again is much larger than the tripod block for my 8x10 2D--this one is 6 and 7/8 long (9 and 1/2 wide).

This rear rail has the quick-lock key and the male groove on the front on either side of the key. The sides have the same height and thickness as a Kodak 8x10 rail.

My first thought was these must belong to an 11x14 camera, but I can't find any mention of a Kodak 11x14 that came with a sliding tripod block. In fact, the catalogs I have looked at clearly say they don't.

I have also checked Rochester and Century catalogs, but haven't turned up anything.

Does anybody happen to know which make/model these belong to?

Michael Roberts
21-Feb-2015, 11:56
I just found a Century View No. 2 in the 1904 catalog--11x14 with an auxiliary base. The base is not pictured, but the rails clearly have the three grooves. This one does not have the key lock, but my guess is that came later.

Louis Pacilla
21-Feb-2015, 12:06
It could be for the Eastman 2 7x11 which has a wider rail & key lock. The tripod block measures 9 1/2" wide on my 7x11.

Leonard Robertson
21-Feb-2015, 12:16
Another vote for 7X11 Eastman. I measured one of mine and it is 9 1/2" wide across the rear track, has 3 slots on the sides of the track, and a hole for the extension track key. See here:


This shows the 2D version, but I believe the pre-D versions were more or less the same other than the finish.


Michael Roberts
21-Feb-2015, 13:05
Aha...thanks guys!

I did think about the 7x11, but had no way of knowing the rail width.

Leonard Robertson
21-Feb-2015, 14:11
And so now you obviously need to buy an Eastman 7X11 to go with the bits you have. ;) They show up on eBay from time to time, sometimes not correctly identified. The weird lens board is the best clue to spot a 7X11.


Michael Roberts
21-Feb-2015, 15:29
Thanks Len. Actually, I'm leaning towards offering the rail up to someone who already has the 7x11, and keeping the block for my 12x20.

Jim Galli
22-Feb-2015, 00:26
I once upon a time ended up with some extra 7X11 pieces, one being the bigger tripod block, and I modified it by narrowing a bit to work on my ordinary 2D. It gives a LOT more support and the block can transfer extra support to all 3 base sections at the same time, or when the back rail is off, I balance the equal parts of the front drop down and main bed in the generous bigger block.

Michael Roberts
22-Feb-2015, 04:04
That was my hope Jim. Thanks for confirming. This will be even more of a benefit with a 12x20 back to support and redistribute the weight.