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18-Feb-2015, 06:37
Hiya folks,

I've recently came into possession of a pre-Anniversary Speed Graphic 4x5.

However, I've run into two issues.

First of all - I'd like to use the Speed Graphic handheld, so a hand strap is almost essential. But there's no lugs for the strap on this graphic. It seems they were removed - there are still screw holes in the right place. Unfortunately I've had no luck looking on eBay for the strap lugs. I've found a strap that has the lugs for one side - but I'll need two. Screws would be handy as well, but if not, I can deal with that. Has anyone got any idea where I might find the lugs?

Secondly - the Kalart Rangefinder's actuator arm doesn't seem to have a lot of spring in it, so I have to loosen the metal 'track' it runs through until the arm can nearly leave the track from the sides. Is there a way to restore its springiness?

Thanks in advance!

Jim C.
18-Feb-2015, 10:00
If memory serves correct the pre-anniversary and the anniversary graphic have a clip on, on one end and
a sewn in end style strap, later graphics have loop thru style that doubles as flash gun clips.
I seem to remember stumbling across both style straps very recently on eBay, I don't know if the seller will
ship internationally tho. Do a search for graflex.

John Kasaian
18-Feb-2015, 10:37
Check in to www.graflex.org for all things Graflex/Graphic

19-Feb-2015, 06:39
This guy has a lot of step by step information on Graphics and how to repair them:


Leonard Robertson
19-Feb-2015, 14:24
I compared the strap and lugs on a 4X5 pre-Anniversary and a 4X5 wartime Anniversary. The height of the body is the same for both cameras (7 1/4 inches) and the straps and lugs for both are nearly the same. The only noticeable difference is the pre-Anni uses three screws to attach the bottom lug and the Anni uses two screws. For both cameras the strap can be unclipped from the top lug to access the tripod socket on the side of the body. Since Anni Speeds are more common than pre-Annis you may have an easier time finding Anni parts for your camera. A search on Google Images should turn up pictures of what the Anni lugs look like. eBay is the best source I can think of for parts, but you could also try a Wanted ad in the For Sale/Wanted category of this forum.

I have no idea on your rangefinder question. I can look at the rangefinder on my camera if you have any specific questions. I think mine is an early Kalart. I have a feeling the early Kalarts are enough different from the later black versions that much of the online information for the black ones doesn't apply.