View Full Version : Miniature Speed Spring Back Mod

Wayne Aho
17-Feb-2015, 14:58
I have had several speed graphics, including one that was modified to remove the spring back focusing screen and attach a roll film holder (poor man's graflock back).

This one looks homemade, and allows easy removal of the spring back focus panel, but does not latch a roll holder or an adapt-a-roll.

Its possible that someone had a modified roll holder for it. By the way, this is a very early speed, with the non-linked focusing rails, and in really nice condition.

Just wondering if anyone has seen this modification before?



Tin Can
17-Feb-2015, 15:55
I have seen variations.

Dan Fromm
17-Feb-2015, 16:32
I haven't seen this modification before. Not sure why, but it brings to mind Graflex' own adapter for a rollholder, which normally replaces the spring back, springs included. The retainers that press on the springs' screw holes look like they'd hold a roll holder and its adapter in place.

Whatever it is, its cute. Thanks for posting it.