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17-Feb-2015, 12:12
Hello! I picked up a JML 8.25 210mm f/8 Process Lens and was looking to use it for a 4x5 build. Ive heard that the lens is sharp, works well and will have plenty of movement to cover 4x5 just fine. When I was researching shutters to mount to this lens, there really wasn't much information out there. I saw you can use a Copal #3 however, the prices for those are pretty intense and seem to be for 8x10 cameras. I also saw that a shutter out of a crown graphic will work (I think that's what I read) but wasn't sure if this is true.

Can anyone here point my in the right direction with this lens? Id rather not spend a grand on a shutter system haha but would love to use it if possible.

Thank you for any information! :D

18-Sep-2015, 00:37
Why not get a cheap Speed Graphic for it?

Jim Noel
18-Sep-2015, 02:05
Not a bad idea at all, and probably a lot cheaper than a working shutter.

N Dhananjay
18-Sep-2015, 02:10
Yes, these do cover 8x10 and are wicked sharp... If you want to use it on 8x10, you will need to mount it into a shutter, or a cheaper option is to front mount it onto an over-sized shutter. If you are looking at use on a 4x5, larger shutters (including a Copal #3) would be overkill since they are large and heavy and meant to hold large lenses. You could certainly get this mounted into a Copal # 1, though.... Or the Speed Graphic sounds good too although a camera to house one lens seems a somewhat strange decision to me.... But if a Speed Graphic works for your style and you can get all your other lenses on it, that might be a very workable option.
Cheers, DJ

18-Sep-2015, 04:53
to use it for a 4x5 build.

You will have to build a shutter. Not that difficult, if you can build an entire camera. Otherwise, as suggested, buy a camera that already has a shutter.

18-Sep-2015, 21:44
Thank you all for the information! My wood guy never came through for the build so it went on the back burner for now. When I have the opportunity, I'll probably just find a speed graphic. I've been watching the prices on them and they have dropped lately. I set up a cardboard mock up with the lens and the ground glass and it was surprisingly crisp looking so I'm still excited to get this lens in front of some film.

Peter De Smidt
19-Sep-2015, 07:58
Depending on your subject matter, use slow film, a small aperture, and maybe a neutral density filter. With exposure times of, say, 1 second or more, you don't need a shutter.