View Full Version : Silvestri SLV (T30) versus H25

16-Feb-2015, 19:11
Does anyone have any good info on the latter in particular? I think I've googled it to death, but I still can't find the weight. And I'm not even entirely sure whether it's a 4x5 or a dedicated 6x9.

The SLV is a bit easier to find info on, since it's just an earlier incarnation of the T30, and at least the Silvestri website has spec's listed for the latter.

Thanks in advance.


17-Feb-2015, 12:15
Found it. It's the H, as opposed to the H25, but I suspect they're the same weight. (Funny that this info isn't available on the silvestri website). The weight of the lenses and the backs are easy to find, and I'll assume that the helical focusing units are...hmm, 300 gms?