View Full Version : Lens hood for Nikkor-W 240 mm lens

16-Feb-2015, 00:57
Hi folks - I've just acquired a 240 mm f5.6 Nikkor-W lens and want a lens hood for it. Is there a standard hood? I can't find any reference on Nikon websites. The lens has an 82 mm filter thread. I could just take a calculated guess, but someone might know exactly how long a hood I should get. Thanks.

16-Feb-2015, 01:26
It depends on what size of format you are using, 4x5 can be longer, 5x7 can be less.

Leszek Vogt
16-Feb-2015, 01:28
If you are not totally hang up on the shade, I'd install a "french-flag" on a goose neck, since you should be able to see (at the bottom) whether it interferes with the view.....and you could use this for other lenses.
Just my 2 centavos.


16-Feb-2015, 08:18
there isn't a standard hood for most LF lenses because they can be used with various sizes of film. I recommend a Lee hood with filter slots. The french flag Les mentioned is also a good option, I made one that mounts in my cold shoe brackets.

16-Feb-2015, 13:06
Hi - Yes, of course, I should have said I'm using it for 8x10. Thanks for the idea of a french flag. Cheers.

16-Feb-2015, 15:16
What kind of camera are you using? Usually the lens hood is adjustable and attaches to the camera as part of the camera's system of accessories.

16-Feb-2015, 17:43
Take a chance for $8 and see: General Brand 82mm Collapsible Rubber Lens Hood (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1013870-REG/general_brand_hr82_82mm_collapsible_rubber_lens.html).

B&H usually sells a regular and a wide angle lens hood. I see only this one.


20-Feb-2015, 01:01
Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm using a old Kodak 2-D, so it doesn't come with a "system of accessories".