View Full Version : Does this WOLLENSAK BETAX NO 4 include a lens

15-Feb-2015, 19:40

I am looking to buy a 8x10 camera with a lens, and I'm being offered this lens (photo attached).
From what I read, this is only the shutter. Do you think it includes the lens too?

Thank you for your help!

Jon Shiu
15-Feb-2015, 21:03
Looks like the shutter is messed up. Look at the shutter blades, they are not supposed to look like that. There looks like a lens there, but it looks like a rear element. Although they should also show the other side to make sure there is a lens there too, possibly the front and rear got swapped.


15-Feb-2015, 21:30
According to the f-scale, it's a convertible lens, and on the old ones from makers like Gundlach the front and back look pretty much the same, not like a modern lens, but I'm with John--something's wrong with the shutter. These aren't real complex shutters, so it may be easy to fix. And you can't assume from this photo whether the rest of the lens is there or not, but I bet it's OK. With something like this, price is everything.

Can't the guy who's selling it tell you what parts are there, and which not? If not, I'd be much more worried about the condition of the bellows than this relatively-clean looking lens.

15-Feb-2015, 21:36
OK, found it--look at the photos through the back: the back of the lens is there too.
That's an awfully stiff price for that camera, in my opinion! And add $80 or so for a ground glass, too, so you've got $700 for an old camera, $100 to fix the shutter, and $80 for the glass. Is funky old wood really worth that much to you????

Oh, wait, from the inside the bellows looks kind of ratty and I can see pinholes in most of the outside corners. Add another $150.

You may want to read this entire thread, while you're at it:

15-Feb-2015, 22:43
Thank you so much for the advices! I really needed help. I will pass on the camera