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Tom Westbrook
14-Feb-2015, 18:46
Sorry for the notice after the fact, but things should be back to normal. We're on a new server, so hopefully recent stability issues will be resolved with this move.

The database was restored from a backup taken about 11pm PST, Thursday night Feb-12. If you posted anything after that, it was lost & you'll need to repost it.

FYI, I've noticed some weirdness with our DNS A record bouncing between the old & new server IP addresses on various DNS servers (OpenDNS, Google, UUNET, etc). I'm looking into it, but you may experience connection issues until tis resolved.

Reply here if you find issues or have questions.

Andrew Plume
15-Feb-2015, 05:09
no issues at all Tom, just 101% gratitude for all of your hard work plus everything one else's too


15-Feb-2015, 05:11
+100 on that. I'm greatful for the service you provide.

15-Feb-2015, 05:23
Thanks; looks like a lot of time spent in the past week or two fixing things. Been there done that, thank you!

Will Frostmill
15-Feb-2015, 05:26
Kudos to you and the whole team, I'm delighted we are back, and I am grateful for all the hard work you all have done!

15-Feb-2015, 06:24
Good deal, thanks for your hard work.

15-Feb-2015, 07:07
Thanks for all the effort to keep it going!


15-Feb-2015, 07:13
Thumbs up! And thanks.

15-Feb-2015, 07:20
Thanks for your time and work. I have a good idea of what is involved. I'm sure there are other things you could be enjoying.

Bit Regards

Principal Unix System Engineer, Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems(retired)

Tom Westbrook
15-Feb-2015, 07:20
There is an issue uploading images to the site. An image processing library missing on the new server. I've asked the server owner to install it, so uploads won't work until that's done. I'll update here when it's fixed. No ETA at present.

Louis Pacilla
15-Feb-2015, 07:41
Thanks for ALL the HARD work you guys do for us. It's invaluable to the large format community. So again BIG THANKS.

Peter Lewin
15-Feb-2015, 07:54
Tom: Some of us (me!) occasionally remember to thank the moderators for all of their time and effort, but I've never known by name who to thank for the thankless and invisible work of keeping the infrastructure running. MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

15-Feb-2015, 08:14
as always .. thanks!

15-Feb-2015, 08:15
Thanks Tom!

15-Feb-2015, 08:45
Thanks Tom, glad to be on a new server and looking forward to new image posting when available.

15-Feb-2015, 08:50
Thank you Tom (and everyone else that keeps the site going).

Pete Watkins
15-Feb-2015, 09:08
Thanks Tom. This is THE forum for LF.
Well done!

Tom Westbrook
15-Feb-2015, 09:17
The image uploading issue has been resolved, you should be OK to upload again. I also turned the automatic image resizing back on.

David Karp
15-Feb-2015, 09:30
Thanks Tom. I really missed the site while it was down.

Pali K
15-Feb-2015, 09:32
Thank you Tom!

15-Feb-2015, 10:44
Thanks for all of your hard work! I'm glad the site is back.

Tin Can
15-Feb-2015, 10:51
Amazing how much I miss this place when it's unavailable! :-) Thanks!

Andrew Plume
16-Feb-2015, 04:36
Thanks Tom. This is THE forum for LF.
Well done!

and very much so as Pete said

the number 1 'go to forum'


16-Feb-2015, 10:04
Thanks for the information and nice forum here. I too had some issues loading the site as of recently and assumed it was just me. Good to know it was just a few technical workings. :)

16-Feb-2015, 10:08
Thank you guys for your hard work and keeping running this forum. You guys are unsung heroes.