View Full Version : I got lucky - new camera in transit!

12-Feb-2015, 16:14
I posted the other day that I was looking for a monorail used, cheap. Got all kinds of fabulous advice. As I already have a 4x5 Linhof Color Kardan, I wanted something with a bit more in the way of movements, and was even willing to go for something older and historic.

Problem is, I also needed a 210 or 240mm lens. The longest I have is the 150mm f4.5 Zeiss on my Kardan. Nice lens, but by the time I got the "new" camera and a decent lens, I'd be over budget. But the right deal came along.

I got a Burke&James Orbit, condition excellent, WITH a Rodenstock Sironar-N 210mm f5.6 lens (near mint) in Copal 1, 4 lensboards, a Pentax Spotmeter, cable release, Induro 3 way panhead with plate, 4 Riteway filmholders, a Gralab Timer, and a Commercial Astrogon 180mm f6.3 in Copal 0, (never heard of it, can somebody illuminate?)

and got the whole shebang for $450. Everything is in Excellent condition or better, except for the Copal 0 in the Astrogon, which apparently sticks. I will now start saving for a Toyo GX, or a Sinar or Horseman . . . . whatever comes up around next Christmas.

In the meantime, I have a new thing to play with and get to know, and learned, with a little help from my forum friends, a heap about monorails. I also have a spare Linhof lensboard to put the 210 Rodenstock on if I need it in the field.

Thanks, guys!


Leszek Vogt
12-Feb-2015, 17:01
All I can say is that you got lots and lots of stuff that you technically didn't pay for. Nice deal, eh ?