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Jan Van Hove
2-Jan-2005, 14:43

I'd like to invite you all over to the new ULF website, we've moved from our previous home at ulf.janvanhove.com, and are now residing at http://www.mamutphoto.com (http://www.mamutphoto.com) ... We've changed our look, and we're working on making the whole page bilingual, by translating all the info we had in french...

We've also added a forum and I've started a Blog, which is going to host my new year's resolution : a picture-a-week project.

In short, the ULF website, is now bigger, better, beautifuler, and is waiting for you !!

Wow, i really do sound entusisastic, do I ?

If you have comments, have navigation problems, suggestions, would like to be featured in our links or galleries, you can send us an e-mail, leave a message on the forum, or leave a comment on the blog, or you can try and contact me with smoke signals, but I don't garantee an answer in that case...

See you, and Happy New Year to all !

Patrick Jan

Richard Årlin
3-Jan-2005, 04:16
I seem to be the first to congratulate. My largest format is only 8x10 but anyway...

Cheers, Richard

3-Jan-2005, 05:37
That's good to hear! I find the larger formats inspiring as much as I do 4x5..!