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11-Feb-2015, 15:18
I am currently looking into one of these Kodak LVT 1010 Saturn NT Film Recorders and doing some cross comparisons. I want to transfer digital files into 4 x 5 and 8 x 10 negatives. Is this the best film recorder for this? Also I was trying to find a User's Manual on this machine with no luck. Anyone know of one or how this machine is calibrated? Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you!

3-Aug-2016, 19:54
Hi skyeprey, nice to have your info here. Does this posting show you have this machine: Kodak LVT 1010 Film Recorder? and have you got the User Manual? Everything work well? I am interested in know more about this machine, if you have it and it work well, please contact me with email: chuanjiechen@gmail.com, I am considering a purchase of it. Thanks a lot.

Mark Sampson
4-Aug-2016, 07:13
They are (were) remarkable machines. When I worked for Kodak I printed many negatives made on an LVT, although I never operated the device myself. Sadly EK discontinued them long ago, maybe 8-10 years back, so manuals, parts and service may be hard to find. You might look up Chicago Albumen Works, they used to offer LVT negatives.

5-Aug-2016, 06:30
Thanks a lot Mark. I will turn to you again when needing more help.

26-Dec-2016, 17:10
Merry Christmas and to all a Great New Years.

my request is simple I brought a Kodak LVT 1010 and Rhino a while back and installed it in my darkroom and the computer in my dry space in another room. I did not touch the system after I did the installation. I did not test the system after that. Both system worked before I purchase both systems. I am almost ready to retire and I want to get back to what I love doing shooting.
Now for my request, I am looking for someone to help me set up my systems.

thank you, George I can also be reach at 347 419 4142