View Full Version : Info on Fuji 300mm f 5.6 "S"

10-Feb-2015, 08:23
I have just purchased a Fujinon f5.6 300mm "S" lens. I'm looking to economically upgrade my 8x10 gear as my current lens selection is rather archaic. I have not been able to find any information on this lens.
It comes in a "silver" Copal #3 shutter and from photos appears to be single coated. I have a number of Fuji lenses for my other formats and have always been pleased with their performance. This lens does not
appear in a 1979 catalog I have nor is it mentioned in all the on-line sources normally cited. I'm thinking it is an earlier "L" design, Tessar? (though someone on another board thought it might be a convertible and
someone also mentioned that it might be actually in a Copal 3s shutter), perhaps a not for export lens. This copy is supposed to be quite clean and I got it at a reasonable rate.129084

10-Feb-2015, 08:52
here's one thread that isn't all that helpful but it's here:http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?110828-Fujinon-S-300mm-f-5-6-copal-3

Drew Wiley
10-Feb-2015, 10:02
It's obviously in a Copal 3"S" shutter, so is that what you are referring to? If it's single-coated and exceptionally heavy for its overall size, it could well be an L.

11-Feb-2015, 07:38
Thanks for the info. I'm curious and will probably have my answers when it arrives. Vinny, very nice camera. I can appreciate your craftsmanship.

11-Feb-2015, 19:08
You lens is looks like it might be the "LS" which, I believe, is an "L" threaded to fit a Copal 3S shutter. The other "L" is threaded to fit the Copal 3 shutter.

From SK Grimes:
COPAL #3 --- #3s
front thread M58-0.75---M56-0.75
back thread M58-0.75---M56-0.75
overall thickness 32 mm---28.6 mm
front to iris 17.7 mm---16.25 mm
mount thread M62-0.75---M61-0.75
lensboard hole 65 mm---64.1 mm
iris dia 45 mm---45 mm


12-Feb-2015, 05:24
Yes I believe this is the lens, the diagram seems to match. Fuji lens labeling is often confusing/confounding. Hopefully it will be an improvement over the barrel lenses and huge Caltar/Ilex I currently have, in the
sense of ease of use. Portrait subjects can only deal with so much fiddling. Thanks for the input. Hope to test next week.