View Full Version : Shanel 5B-S flange size?

7-Feb-2015, 08:25
I just finished a CLA on a Fujinar 250mm mounted in a Shanel 5B-S. CLA went well and the shutter is alive again, but - after having done all that, i noticed what i should have right at the start - there is no mounting flange or ring!

Google does not know what the size/thread is.

My caliper says 74.5mm, but i guess that is not a common size.

Can someone confirm or offer any input?

Michael Dodd
15-Feb-2015, 12:22
I think I have the same lens and shutter.I checked my flange I.D. and I get 73.7 mm.

15-Feb-2015, 13:11
I ended up mounting this one directly to the board. Works well and is solid. I just cut the hole out at 74mm and shaved it off a bit until the lens screwed right in all the way to the last thread where it is very tight.
Works like a charm.